To all members,

Dee Why FC is growing at such a rate we can not sustain the management of all the teams without more members putting up their hands to assist in the 2020 season in committee roles and sub-committee roles..

Currently there are only a handful of unpaid members that are doing most of the work involved in running Dee Why Football Club. Stu Nairn, Piroska Teague, Dan Birke, Sue Delbridge, Kai Lincoln and Alex Wise carry out most of the work load to keep this club running and should be reccognised for ttheir continued efforts. Obviously this is aside from the Managers and Coaches that do a great job for their respective teams but more help is required at the committee level.

As much as they take on the challenge to help this club operate, all members should be aware that WE NEED MORE people to get involved in other roles.

The 2020 season will be knocking on our door so why not put up your hand now so we can get your prepared.

Aged Corordinators Needed!
To help the Juniors prepare in 2020 we are looking for at least 4 members to put their hands up as Aged Co-Ordinators..
Each aged coordinator will take on the following age groups

  • U6-U7 
  • U8-U9 
  • U10-U11 
  • U12-U16 
These 4 aged coordinators can help the the Junior Vice President manage all the squads at the beginning of the year. Last year there were over 300 juniors over 23 squads to manage, simply too difficult to manage alone.
With the help of an experienced Registrar like Sue Delbridge it will be a lot easier if broken down into 4 aged corodinators.
Certainly it should be said that Sue is the lifeline between the MWFA and the club putting teams on the park. What would we do without Sue?. We need to keep her as happy! Please if you are interested please email me now!

OTHER Committee and Sub-Committees position required....
  • Lines Marking Crew of 3 members: The marking of lines at Dee Why Park throughout the season to free up the current committee having to do this task. Each member of this small group of 3 people simply rotate the task on 3 alternative weeks. That means about an hour every 3 weeks of your time. Over a 19 week season that works out at about 4 hours..
  • Nets Crew of 3 members: The Nets need to be erected for seniors and junior games every week at Dee Why Park throughout the season just like the line marking. Each member of this small group can either work together every week or in alternate pairs. This would equate to about 1 hour every few weeks throughout the season. 
  • Governance Officer: This person maintains the clubs records and updates documents that explain how we operate. Like keeping up to date with the minutes of each meeting and storing them in a clud based storage application which would also include the upkeep of the Roles and Responsibilities document, a Code of Conduct, the currentConstitution as well as a 5 Year Roling Plan and the 8 Pillars Strategy the club is implementing during the 2020 season. These documents are needed to make sure we are in line with FFA and MWGA policies. This is not a role that requires someone to be at every monthly committee meeting throughout the year but is a role that would be hughly beneficial for this club to grow and allow new members to access there particular role when they join the club in a committee or committee role.
  • Events Sub_Committee: The events manager and sub-committee is required to pre-book venues and for the forthcoming season. If dates can be set early enough all marketing advertising these events can be planned well in advance. The events manager would need at least 2 other people one for Seniors and one for Juniors events. The Events Manager then updates our website and send the an email to all members on a regular basis.
  • Website Manager: We need someone from the club to learn backend of the MyClubMate system. It can not be me anymore as I simply can not keep up with doing the other roles as JVP. We don't need a new website just someone to learn operate the system. Currently I am the only one who knows how to send out email blasts to all members using the tools available. This would be a few hours a week at the most.
  • BBQ Manager: This person creates a roster for everyone week of the year. Each week we need other members to do this other than the current committee members. This person simply allocates the team that needs to manage the BBQ for that day. We had over 559 players in 2019 yet the same few people have to man the BBQ.
  • Sponsorship Manager and Assistant: This person will be responsible to prepare agreements (templates are already prepared) between sponsors and the club. Also keeping a spreadsheet of all the sponsors and also seek new sponsorship or follow up leads from members. All members should be advocates of sponsorship, but unless we have someone doing this role we will not rasie money for the club. At present there are very few sponsors. Novak, Dee Why RSL thats about it. This person can be trained in preparign the agreements for the executive committee to approve. Its probably suited to someone in marketing and advertising.
  • Executive Committee Members Assistants Needed: We are a small club on the move, current executive members are doing a lot of work outside of their roles already, if we can have members that can assist the Executive Committee during the year so that it all does not fall on them when they are away. For example if the treasurer, or secreatary or away then this person can stand in for them while and bring them up to speed. Kai Lincoln did this role for me while I was away overseas for 7 weeks and did a terrific job. 
  • Other Roles: There are always a need for assistance at a community club, it does not matter if you have experience its simply taking the burdon off a few people. If you are interested please email me at deewhyfc1946@gmail.com and I will contact you to meet up.